How Long Do You Have to Return a Leased Car?

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Whether you’re just beginning your research regarding new vehicle leases for your Cerritos adventures or you’ve got a leased vehicle but your situation has changed, we’re more than happy to help. On a standard leasing contract, the lease return process will begin around 90 days before your lease ends. In most cases, your leasing company will reach out to your to help you begin the lease turn-in.

But, what happens if you’re looking to return your leased vehicle earlier? There are many nuances involved, so you’ll want to check your leasing contract for specifics. However, we’re here to help you learn the basics about returning a vehicle lease early. Learn about the timeframe to return your leased vehicle today with the finance professionals at Lexus of Cerritos! We’ll even help you answer some of the following questions:

  • Can you return a leased car within 30 days?
  • Can you return a leased car within 3 days?
  • Can you return a lease after 1 day?
  • What questions can I ask if I want to cancel my car lease within 30 days? 

Returning a Leased Car Early

One of the many highlights of leasing a vehicle is having the flexibility when it comes time to return it. However, is there flexibility when it comes to returning a vehicle early? Oftentimes, we get asked, “Can I return a leased car within 30 days?” or “Can I return a leased car within 3 days?” and the answer really depends on your leasing contract. In general though, you’ll be able to return a lease early.

However, there may fees and penalties associated with an early lease termination. Even if you’re wondering, “Can I return a lease after 1 day?” the answer likely remains the same. In short, you’ll likely be able to return your leased vehicle early. But, just be aware that there may be some costs and penalties associated with it. We recommend you speak to a professional to find out your options if you’re curious about cancelling your car lease within 30 days or less.

Questions to Ask About Canceling a Car Lease within 30 Days or Less

Now that we’ve answered, “Can you return a leased car within 30 days?” and “Can you return a leased car within 3 days?” we’re here to help you prepare yourself if you wish to move forward with a lease cancellation. Sometimes your situation has changed and you simply need to get rid of your Long Beach daily driver for something else. With that being said, here are some questions you should consider when you’re looking to cancel your leasing contract early:

  • Why Do You Want To Return the Lease Early? If your Torrance lifestyle has changed or maybe your job has switched, returning your lease early may be worth the penalty. However, if you don’t like the color of your vehicle or you’re unhappy with its options, you’ll want to consider if those disadvantages are worth it for the fee you may have to pay.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Return a Lease Early? The cost to return a leased vehicle early may be worth it for you. But, everyone is different so it’s best to reach out to your lease provider to find out what the penalties may look like.
  • What Does Your Contract Say? It’s best to review your contract or speak to your leasing provider to determine your options. There may be options available that’ll work with your situation.

Discover the Leasing Process Today with Lexus of Cerritos!

If you still have questions like, “Can I return a lease after 1 day?” or any other concerns regarding vehicle leases, you can always reach out to us online for assistance or stop by at our Cerritos dealership. We look forward to helping you find the right vehicle option for your needs!

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