Is Returning a Leased Car With Damage Possible?

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If you decide to lease a new vehicle, you’ll want to have it returned in its original condition. During a lease return inspection, the technician will go over the vehicle to ensure that there is no damage to the leased car. But, what happens if you’re returning a leased car with damage? It is possible for you to return your leased vehicle with damage, however, there are some things you should be aware of.

If there are scratches on a leased car that are major or any other significant signs of damage, it’s possible that you may incur additional charges during your lease return. Before making the trip from Cerritos to our dealership, find out what happens if you damage a leased car today with our finance team. That way, when you’re returning a leased car with damage, you know what you expect and your options as far as lease returns go at Lexus of Cerritos!

What Happens If You Damage a Leased Car?

So, what happens if you damage a leased car? If you damage a leased vehicle, you’ll have to pay for it one way or another. This is because your lease agreement likely mentions returning your leased vehicle in it’s original condition. With that being said, some lease contracts allow you to have minimal scratches on your leased car or any other insignificant signs of wear and tear. You’ll want to refer to your lease agreement to confirm what constitutes wear and tear and not substantial damage to your leased car.

You may have even heard that upgrading to a new vehicle after you return your lease can make the fees for damage to a leased car be diminished, but that’s simply not the case. Some dealerships in the Long Beach area will simply roll over that cost to repair your leased vehicle onto your new leasing contract. If you have scratches on your leased car, and you’re not sure what to do, we’re more than happy to help.

How to Return a Leased Car With Damage

If you’ve found that you’ve damaged your leased vehicle during your Torrance commute, there are some things we suggest you do before you stop by at a lease return center. Following our tips can help you save money in the long run with your leased vehicle. Here’s what you can do before returning a leased car with damage:

1. Speak to Your Insurance Company

If the damage to your leased vehicle is significant, we recommend you speak to your insurance company. Many full-coverage insurance policies will help protect you in the event that you’ve substantially damaged your leased vehicle.

Most lease contracts also come with GAP insurance for added protection in the event that you do damage your leased vehicle. Remember though, GAP insurance is not a replacement for standard insurance coverage.

2. Review Warranty Coverage

One of the benefits of leasing a new vehicle is comprehensive warranty coverage. If there’s damage to a part on your leased vehicle that’s covered under warranty, you likely have nothing to worry about. Be sure to review your warranty coverage and confirm with our service team if the part you need to replace is covered.

3. Use OEM Parts

If you decide to fix your vehicle before returning it, make sure that the service center you’re using uses genuine OEM parts. Failure to use genuine OEM parts could void your lease agreement and have you responsible for additional charges and fees.

4. Pre-Lease Return Inspection

If your lease return date is coming up, and you’ve got some damage to your vehicle, it may be a good idea to schedule a pre-lease return inspection. Performing a pre-inspection can let you know beforehand what to expect if you do decide to return your leased vehicle with damages.

We Can Help With Your Lease Return at Lexus of Cerritos!

If you’ve got a lease return that has some damages on it, and you’re not sure where to begin, the experts at our Cerritos dealership are more than happy to help. There’s no need to stress as we can make the lease return process simple and straightforward. Reach out to us today to get started on your next lease return!

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