Who Manufactures Lexus?

2022 Lexus RX Front Grille

Lexus is one of the most beloved luxury brands in the world, but what country is Lexus from? Who manufactures Lexus? The Lexus brand is headquartered in Japan, but you can find manufacturing plants around the globe. Find out how this international giant rose up in the ranks, and experience the latest that Lexus has to offer at Lexus of Cerritos.

What Country is Lexus From?

Lexus built most of its vehicles in the Chūbu and Kyūshū regions until 2003. At this point, the Lexus RX 330 became the very first model to be built outside of Japan in Ontario, Canada. Now you can find manufacturing plants in a variety of countries and cities – including right here in the United States!

Here’s a list of all the places around the globe that have a Lexus manufacturing plant, and the models they build:

  • Tahara, Japan – LS, GS, IS, GX, RX, and NX
  • Toyota City, Japan – ES, LX, LFA, and LC
  • Kitakyushu, Japan – CT, HS, and RX
  • Miyawaka, Japan – ES, IS, RX, NX, and UX
  • Susono, Japan – SC
  • Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – RX and RXh
  • Georgetown, Kentucky, USA – ES
  • Princeton, Indiana, USA – TX

Is Lexus Owned By Toyota?

Many Cerritos and Long Beach drivers want to know, “Is Lexus owned by Toyota?” The answer is yes, Toyota does own Lexus. However, Lexus has its own separate headquarters from Toyota in Nagoya, Japan. This allows the brand to focus on its own designs and manufacturing, independent of Toyota. Take a brief look back at the history of Lexus.

  • 1983 — Toyota set the goal to create the world’s best car, creating Project F1 or Flagship One in the process. This study included market research of wealthy Americans in the Laguna Beach area.
  • 1989 — Upon the completion of Project F1, Toyota launched Lexus. Lexus was focused on international markets, including 81 dealerships in the United States.
  • 1989 — The Lexus LS 400 made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This model impressed critics with its performance specs, including a 4.0L V8 gasoline engine and rear-wheel drive in a luxury package.
  • 2019 — Following decades of success around the globe, the ten millionth Lexus is sold.

Experience the Modern Lexus at Lexus of Cerritos

Now you know a little more about the roots of the Lexus brand, so why not explore the present day lineup in person? Visit Lexus of Cerritos to see the latest models up close, and take a test drive in a brand new car. You’ll find our showroom in Cerritos, near neighboring Torrance, so stop by to find your dream car today!


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