Where Is the VSC Button on a Lexus ES 350?

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When you’re driving a Lexus ES, you can anticipate having effortless performance for your Cerritos adventures. The Lexus ES provides incredible power and stability thanks to advanced technology and engineering. One of the high-tech systems in a Lexus ES is VSC. VSC allows you to safely drive around town, but there may be some instances where you’ll want to turn it off. So, where is the VSC button on a Lexus ES 350?

Many Lexus ES models will have the button located near the steering wheel or the gear selector. However, some Lexus ES models may not have a VSC button at all. In this instance, you may have to reference your owner’s manual for specifics or speak to one of our service technicians. Ready to learn all about VSC in your Lexus ES 350? We’ve got you covered at Lexus of Cerritos! Today, we’re going to go over the following:

  • Where is the VSC button on a Lexus ES 350?
  • What does VSC mean?
  • How to reset the VSC light on a Lexus ES 350?
  • What is the “Check VSC” light on a Lexus ES 350?

What Is VSC & TRAC?

You may notice there’s a “Check VSC” message in your Lexus ES 350. But, before we can go over what it means, you’re probably wondering what VSC means. For the Lexus ES, VSC stands for “Vehicle Stability Control”, and it’s a safety feature in your Lexus ES that helps control skidding if you lose traction on your Long Beach drives.

For many Lexus ES models, the VSC system is a part of the traction control system, which is also responsible for providing you with a smooth driving experience. Some Lexus ES models will display VSC & TRAC when you press the VSC button.

How to Reset VSC Light on a Lexus ES 350

Your VSC and traction system are designed to provide you with maximized traction wherever you go. Turning off this system is not recommended, as it provides you with the full amount of power that the Lexus ES has to offer. That full power, if you’re not careful, could lead to you damaging your vehicle and even leaving others on the Torrance roads in danger.

If you find that you’re stuck in mud or somewhere where your tires can’t get enough grip, you may turn off the VSC system temporarily. But, as soon as you’re unstuck, it’s recommended that you turn VSC and traction back on. Additionally, the way to turn off VSC can vary depending on your specific Lexus ES model, so we suggest you check your owner’s manual for specifics. With that out of the way, here’s how to reset the VSC light on your Lexus ES 350:

  1. Locate the VSC/TRAC button in your Lexus ES 350. It’ll often be next to the steering wheel or by the gear selector. It could have VSC or TRAC printed on the button. Otherwise, it’ll look like a car with lines underneath the car.
  2. Ensure your Lexus ES 350 is in park.
  3. Press and hold the button until your screen indicates that the system has been turned off.
  4. You can now drive with VSC off.

What Is the “Check VSC” Light on a Lexus ES 350?

So, what is the “Check VSC” light on a Lexus ES 350? If your Lexus ES 350 senses that there’s something wrong with the vehicle, it may disable the VSC system in general. If you notice this, you’ll often get an error message that says “Check VSC” in your Lexus ES 350. This message doesn’t mean that there’s a faulty VSC system, but it’s simply stating that the system has been turned off. If you notice a “Check VSC” message in your Lexus ES 350, we suggest scheduling a service appointment right away.

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