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Build a Lexus in Cerritos

We’re doing our best to ensure you have an easy time finding the perfect new Lexus for your Cerritos adventures. However, we know that it can be difficult sometimes to narrow down a Lexus with the exact specifications that you’re looking for. Fortunately, our experts have you covered and we can help you build a Lexus in Cerritos. The process to order a Lexus is simple when you work with our team and before you know it, you’ll be driving around Long Beach in a Lexus model that checks off all of your boxes.

There are many advantages to custom ordering a vehicle and we’re finding that many of our shoppers actually prefer to build their Lexus instead of finding one at our dealership. Learn how to build a Lexus in Cerritos today with our experts! Lexus of Cerritos has your best interests in mind.

How To Order a Lexus

Before we go over the details for custom ordering your Lexus, you may be wondering if it’s worth it in the first place. When you build your Lexus, you’re getting a vehicle that’s built to suit your exact Torrance lifestyle. You won’t be paying for extra features that aren’t important to you and you’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy a unique ride that stands out on the road.

Certain color combinations may be rare or unique enough that you’ll have a difficult time finding them at a dealership. However, when you build your Lexus, you can choose whatever color option you’d like, regardless of its rarity. Ordering a new Lexus isn’t right for everyone but for others, it offers a level of flexibility that makes it a smart choice. With that out of the way, here’s what you can expect when you order a Lexus with our configurator:

  1. Choose your favorite model in our new vehicle lineup.
  2. Opt for your desired trim level. Each trim level comes in at a different price so keep that in mind when you’re using our configurator.
  3. There may be the option to choose a powertrain, depending on the specific model you choose. If not, skip this step.
  4. Next, you’ll choose from a wide range of interior and exterior color options. Some exterior colors may not be available with certain interior colors so be mindful when you’re selecting your favorite color combination.
  5. Many of our new Lexus models offer the ability to add extra packages and options for better customization.
  6. You’ll be able to review a summary of the vehicle you’ve just configured. There will be estimated costs and you can request a quote or work with our team to finalize the next steps.

Lexus of Cerritos Can Help You Order a Lexus Today!

While our vehicle configurator tool is simple to follow, we’d be more than happy to help you order your dream Lexus at our Cerritos dealership. You can simply reach out to us online or give us a visit for assistance!